-The Rocky Horror Picture Show-
Saturday December 29th, 2007
The Farewell Performance
Limited 1200 Capacity

the Rialto theater
1023 Fair Oaks Avenue
South Pasadena, CA
Phone 626-799-1824

$13 General Admission
$10 For All In Costume(Prefered)
Cash only.

Things To Bring To Get In On The Act
Water Guns
Playing Cards
Noize Makers Laytex or Rubber Gloves
Roll of Toilet Paper
News Paper (for your protection :)

If you forget or don’t have adequate supplies full "Prop Kits" will be available for purchase. :)

More Info And Background
Come find out who will retire and who will not. Approximately 10 special performances have already been confirmed and looking for more.

The Rialto, a magnificent 1925 movie palace built to seat 1200, is decorated with golden buddhas, a glowing-eyed gargoyle over the stage, and stunning architectural detail. This was one of the last 1920s movie palaces open to the public for films, and with its full stage, orchestra pit, flyhouse, organ loft and balcony, it is the ULTIMATE ROCKY HORROR VENUE.

If you haven't seen our show there, this is your last chance. This may well mark the retirement of Dark Refrain and the final Rocky performance in South Pasadena. If you had not heard Landmark Theatres closed the Rialto Theater 4 months ago after a 29 and a half years run of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. When our "home" was closed unexpectedly and we were kicked out, without a final show, the cast was crushed. This January the cast of Dark Refrain had planned what would have been one of the most epic Celebrations in Rocky Horror history. A convention of such magnitude that it would have undoubtedly reinvented Rocky conventions as we know them.

Instead, we only had one week's notice to plan this coming one time event. We will attempt to bring as much convention atmosphere as possible to Pasadena this weekend.

The first screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Rialto Theater took place the first weekend of 1978. With this coming show being the last weekend of 2007, that completes 30 years of Rocky Horror at the Rialto. So this is our 30th Anniversary show and our Farewell Engagement. We are NOT sad. We have fought a tough battle to get this show and we are grateful to Landmark for reconsidering, so please don't trash the place.